~*~ Autumn: Fall In Love ~*~
(Version française ICI)


This pointing hand is here to help you. You can drag and drop it and use it as a marker to help with following the tutorial.

Tubes of your choice, free or not, but credit for them must be added to your tag. I used a tube ©The Paper Shelter - www.thepapershelter.com.

Plugins: Mura Meister - Copies. Carolaine and Sensibility - CS-DLines. penta.com > color dot.

Textures: Tagging Textures Set 2 by Vix, to download here

My selections here. Unzip and place PSP4ALL_Autumn2_mf18.PspSelection in the PSP folder of your PSP.

Police: MSN Weird for the text and Pixelette for the credits.


Open an image, 600x250.
Fill with white. 

Add the tube. Duplicate the layer. Close the copy.  

Back to the original copy. Apply Mura Meister > Copies > Wallpaper. Click on Reset, if necessary, to get the whole image filled.


Adjust > Blur > Motion Blur


Add a layer. Selections > Select All and fill with #4C645E.

Selections > Modify > Contract by 2 pixels. Delete.

Rename this layer Border 1.

Selections > Modify > Contract by 20 pixels.

Add a layer  and fill with #4C645E.

Selections > Contract by 3 pixels. Delete.

Selections > Select None.

Rename this layer Border 2.


Click with the magic wand inside the 2nd frame.

Selections > Modify > Expand by 1 pixel.

Copy Paste Vix-Texture7.

Selections > Invert. Delete.

Selections > Select None

Layers > Properties > Blend mode > Soft Light.

Repeat with Vix-Texture15.


Effects > Filters > Carolaine and Sensibility > CS-DLines. Default settings.

Duplicate this layer.

Image > Mirror > Mirror horizontal.

Layers > opacity 50 on this layer.


Click on Selections. Load/ Save Selection. Load Selection PSP4ALL_Autumn2_mf18.PspSelection From Disk.

Selections > Promote Selection to Layer. Rename this layer: Frames

Fill the selection with #4C645E.

Selections > Select None.

Click inside the Frames layer with the Magic Wand.

Selections > Modify > Expand by 1 pixel. Add a layer and fill with BE7A53.

Rename this layer: Back.

Apply penta.com > Color dot. Defaut settings.

Layers > Properties > Blend Mode on Overlay.

Copy paste as a new layer a portion of the tube in each frame (see my tag). Don't worry if it overlaps.

We will delete what is outside the frames.

Click on the tube on the left. Selections > Invert.

Click on Delete.

Click on the tube in the middle. Delete.

Click on the tube on the right. Delete.

Selections > Select None.

Click on the top tube then Layers and Merge. Merge Down.

And a second time, click on Layers and Merge. Merge Down.

Rename this layer Tubes.

Arrange these 3 layers to have the Frames layer at the top, Tubes in the middle and Back layer below.

Click on the Frames layer and add a Drop Shadow: 1, 1, 50, 1 and then -1, -1, 50, 1.

Click on Layers and Merge. Merge Down.

And a second time Layers and Merge. Merge Down.

Rename 3 little frames.


With the Selection tool, draw a rectangle around the 3 little frames.

Selections > Promote selection to layer. Fill with #FFFFFF.

Add a Drop Shadow, black, 1, 1, 100, 1 and repeat with -1, -1, 100, 1.

Layers > Properties. Blend Mode on Soft Light.

Move this layer up and place above the copy of the layer with Vix-Texture15 (STEP 4).


Open the copy of the tube, (STEP 1), place on the right.

Layers > Arrange > Bring to top.

Add a Drop Shadow 2, 2, 75, 10.

Click on the Border 1 layer.

Layers > Arrange > Bring to top.


Text: Fall in love with the font MSN Weird, in green #969D8A.

Add a Drop Shadow 2, 2, 100, 1.

Add all required credits.


Save your work.

11 October 2018

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me