~*~ Happy Days ~*~
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This pointing hand is here to help you. You can drag and drop it and use it as a marker to help with following the tutorial.

Tube(s) of your  choice, free or not but the credit for all the tubes must be added to your tag. I am using a tube ©Nikky Hall - www.polkadoodles.com.

Scrapkit: Oh Happy Days by Dhariana at Dhariana Scraps. Download here.

Plugins: PhotoEffex > Scanlines; penta.com > VTR2; Eye Candy > Gradient Glow.

Selections: PSP4ALL_MF_HapDay1.PspSelection. Download here. Unzip and place in the Selections folder of your PSP.

Fonts: Arrowlicious, Alcohol Licks and Pixelette for the credits.


Open an image 680x550. Fill with white.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (27) - 32%. On the left. Image > Mirror Horizontal.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (16) - 35%. This element is now 525 x 351. I have stretched it to get a new length of 610 and kept the same width of 351.

Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize. Hue at 33 and Saturation at 180.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (26) - 35%. On the left. Slide under element(16). Drop Shadow: 3, 3, 55, 3.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (20) - 23%. Slide under element(16) in the middle. Drop Shadow.

Ajouter l'élement dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (24) - 15%. Top. Drop Shadow.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (14) - 25%. Top right. Drop Shadow.

Activer le calque dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (16). With the magic wand, draw a rectangle like this

Add a layer and fill with a linear gradient made of 2 colours. I used green #7B9041 and white. Angle = 315 and Repeat = 315

Apply Effects > PhotoEffex > Scanlines.

Move this layer and place it under the frame dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (16).

Drop Shadow: 3, 3, 55, 3 on element (16)

Selections > Load/ Save a selection > Load selection from disk.

Click on the little arrow to see the selections and then select PSP4ALL_MF_HapDay1.PspSelection

 Add a layer and fill with paper dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_pp (3), scale at 15%. Rename this layer SelFrame.

Selections > Modify > Contract 8 pixels.

Add a layer and fill with dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_pp (1), scale at 15%.

Apply penta.com > VTR2 - default configuration - twice.

Selections > Select None.

Slide under the SelFrame.

In the Layer Palette, set this layer on Soft Light.

In the SelFrame, the ribbon was visible. So activate the ribbon layer, select the bit of ribbon and Delete.

Repeat for the other bit of ribbon.

Activate the SelFrame and apply 3D Effects > Inner Bevel.

Then Drop Shadow: 3, 3, 55, 3.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (22) - 10%. under the frame. Duplicate and place the vopy at the bottom.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (4) - 35%. On the right and left, at the bottom. See my tag.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (5) - 25%. Bottom.

Flowers: In the corner, top right.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (10) - 11%. Rotate left 90°. Drop Shadow.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (6) - 10%. Drop Shadow.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (8) - 12%. Drop Shadow.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (9) - 12%. Drop Shadow.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (7) - 13%. Drop Shadow.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (6) - 10%. Drop Shadow.

dhariana_Oh_Happy_Day_el (1) - 23%. Bottom.

Add the tube on the left. Drop Shadow.

STEP 2 - Text and Credits

Think with the police Arrowlicious in green #7B9041, bold.

Apply Gradient Glow - Fat, in white.


Selections > Modify > Expand 1 pixel. Add a layer eand fill with the same green #7B9041.

Slide this new layer under the text. Select > Select None.

Happy Days with the font Alcohol Licks in green #7B9041, bold.

Repeat what you did before with the word Think.

edits: with a small font like Pixelette or any other small pixel font.

Save your work.


8 July2020

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me