~*~ Little She Devil ~*~
(Version française ici)



This pointing hand is here to help you.
You can drag and drop it and use it as a marker to help with following the tutorial.

Tube(s) of your  choice, free or not but the credit for all the tubes must be added to your tag. I use a tube ©The Paper Shelter - www.thepapershelter.com.

My PSP image: PSP4ALL_MF_LSD_mf19, loaded with the Alpha selections.

Masks: Narah's masks_1471-1475 - download here.

AAA Frames: Foto Frame; Carolaine & Sensibility : Refection - CS-LDots; Eye Candy 4000; Mura Meister: Copies; VM Toolbox: Dynamic Diffusion; PhotoEffex: Scanlines; Photo Tools: Frosted Edger; Xero: Fritillary; Eye Candy 4000: Gradient Glow.

Kelly for the text; Pixelette for the credits.


Open my image PSP4ALL_MF_LSD_mf19. It containds the Alpha selections we will be using.

Add the tube and apply Mura Meister > Copies > Wallpaper - Default Configuration. 

Apply a Gausian Blur - Adjust > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Radius on 30.

Xero > Fritillary.

Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance.


Add a layer and fill with #FFFFFF.

Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image and choose Narah_Mask_1474.

Click on OK.

Layers > Merge Group

Effects > Edge Effects > Enhance More.

Duplicate > Mirror > Mirror Horizontal.

Layers > Merge > Merge Visible.


Apply AAA Frames > Foto Frame.

Add a layer and fill with #000000.

Selections > Modify > Contract by 3 pixels.

Selections > Select None.

Layers > Merge > Merge Visible.


Selections > Load/ Save Selection > Load Selection From Alpha Channel. Click on Selection #1.

Selection > Promote Selection to layer.

Fill with #89121E.

Apply Photo Tools > Frosted Edger - Black

Selections > Select None.

And my result so far


Selections > Charger/ enregistrer une sélection/ Charger la sélection à partir d'un canal Alpha. Sélectionner Selection #2.

Selection > Promote Selection to layer.

Fill with #B93F4E

Apply Carolaine and Sensibility > CS-Reflection.

Apply Carolaine and Sensibility > CS-LDots. Default configuration.

Add your tube - I chose the head.

Selections > Invert. Click on Delete on your keyboard.

Layers > Properties > Blend mode on Luminance.

Selections > Select None.

Apply PhotoEffex > Scanlines.

Layers > Merge > Merge Down.

Duplicate > Image > Mirror Horizontal.


With the Freehand Selection tool - Point to Point, trace all along but inside the border of the circle in the middle.

Add a layer and fill with #B93F4E.

Move this layer under the border.

Open a transparent image 300x300.

With the Text tool, Arial, Fat, Vector, write the text Little She Devil or one of your choice.

Click on Objects > Align > Center on Canvas.

Layers > Convert to Raster Layer.

Apply Mura Meister > Copies

Copy paste this text layer on your work.

Selections > Invert > Click on Delete on your keyboard.

Selections > Select None.


Click on the top layer and add the tube in the middle.

Add a Drop Shadow: 3, 3, 55, 5.


Credits: with a font like Pixelette or any other small font, color #FFD4D9.

Apply Eye Candy 4000 > Gradient Glow > Fat. Change the 2 white colours and replace with #89121E. Glow Width on 3.00.


Using Kelly font write the Text Little She Devil or one of your choice or your name. Color: #FFD4D9. Appliy the same Gradient Glow.


9 October 2019

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me