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This pointing hand is here to help you.
You can drag and drop it and use it as a marker to help with following the tutorial.

Tube(s) of your  choice, free or not but the credit for all the tubes must be added to your tag. I use a tube ©Jakob Kramer que j'ai acheté sur son site http://www.jakobkramer.dk/.
  • Scrapkit: PolkaDot Scraps - Dino-riffic: download here.

  • Mask: Narah_mask_0930, download here.

  • Plugins 
    Mehdi: Wavy Lab 1.1 & Sorting Tiles
    L & K landksiteofwonders: Jeffrey
    Simple: Blintz
    Filters Unlimited: FunHouse > Loom.
    Carolaine & Sensibility: CS-LDots
    Eye Candy 6: Gradient Glow

  • Font: French Script for the text & Pixelettette for the credits.


Open a transparent image 851x315.

Apply Wavy Lab 1.1

Apply Mehdi > Sorting Tiles - PLUS

Apply Mehdi > Sorting Tiles - MOSAIC

Apply L & K landksiteofwonders : Jeffrey

Then Simple > Blintz.

Filters Unlimited > FunHouse > Loom

Then Simple > Top Left Mirror.

Adjust > Sharpen > Sharpen.

STAP 2 - Mask, Tube and Elements

Add a layer and fill with FFFFFF.

Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image and choose Narah_Mask_0930.

Click on OK.

Layers > Merge Group.

Add the tube on the left.

Add these elements:

PDS_DR- grass at 30%. Dupliquer. See my tag.
PDS_DR- dino1 at 30%
PDS_DR- dino2 at 30%.

STEP 3 - Text

Click on the Selection Tool

The Custom Selection window opens - add these settings

Click on OK.

Selections > Promote Selection to Layer

Fill with #BCE1F4.

Apply VM Toolbox > Grid - Default configuration.

Add a layer and fill with white. Contract 8 pixels. Click on Delete.

Add a layer and fill with #42A2D4. Contract 1 pixel.

Apply Carolaine and Sensibility > CS-LDots

Selections > Select None.

Select the French Script font and add my text or one of your choice in blue #3DA3D4.

Apply Eye Candy 6 Text Selection > Gradient Glow.

STEP 4 - Border and Credits

Add a layer and fill with white.

Selections > Select All. Selections > Contract 8 pixels.

Click on Delete

Selections > Select None.

With the Magic Wand, click once in the border, then  Selections > Modify > Contract 1 pixel.

Add a layer and fill with #3DA3D4.

Apply Carolaine and Sensibility > CS-LDots. Same configuration.

Selections > Select None.

Credits: with a font like Pixelette or any other small font.



16 April 2020

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me