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This pointing hand is here to help you.
You can drag and drop it and use it as a marker to help with following the tutorial.

Tube(s) of your  choice, free or not but the credit for all the tubes must be added to your tag. I use a tube ©The Paper Shelter - www.thepapershelter.com.

Plugins: Filters Unlimited 2.0 : <Bkg Designer sf10 I>  Barcode Generator - Cruncher - Corner Half Wrap

Funhouse > Loom

VanDerLee > Unplugged-X > 45°Rectangle

VM Extravaganza > Transmission

BorderMania > Instant Button #2

Carolaine and Sensibility > CS-HLines

Eye Candy 4000 > Gradient Glow.

Police: Impact & Mr LackboughsJack for the text; Pixelette for the credits.

You can download my E-Book which will let you work without being connected.


Open an image 600x250.

Foreground = #F75709. Background = #FEE9DB.

Left click and fill your image.

Slections > Modify > Contract by 50.

Right click and fill the selection.

Selections > Select None.

Apply Filters Unlimited 2.0 > &<Bkg Designer sf10 I> > Barcode Generator - default configuration.

Apply Filters Unlimited 2.0 > &<Bkg Designer sf10 I> > Cruncher - default configuration.

Duplicate this layer.

On the copy, apply Filters Unlimited 2.0 > &<Bkg Designer sf10 I> > Corner Half Wrap- default configuration.

Change the Blend Mode to Screen.


Layers > Merge > Merge down.

With your magic wand, select these 4 zones.

Left click and fill with #F75709.

Selections > Select None.

Apply Filters Unlimited 2.0 > &<Bkg Designer sf10 I> FunHouse > Loom - default configuration.


Ajouter un calque.

Apply VanDerLee > Unplugged-X > 45° Rectangle, - default configuration with black as the colour #000000.

Change the Blend Mode to Overlay.

Apply VM Extravaganza > Transmission

Duplicate. Image > Mirror > Mirror Horizontal.


Add the tube on the left. Apply a Drop Shadow 2, 2, 50, 5.

Check that the Status bar is checked. It's under View > Toolbars > Status.

Add a layer. With the Selection tool, draw a square 12x12. Look at the bottom on the right to draw the correct size.

Fillwith the foreground colour #F75709.

Apply BorderMania > Instant Button #2.

Add a Drop Shadow: 1, 1, 100, 1 and then apply again: -1, -1, 100,1.

Selections > Select None.

Duplicate twice in order to have 3  squares. Align them vertically.

Use the grid under View if needed.

Layers > Merge Down. Repeat.

Duplicate and rotate right 90°. Place this layer on the right.

Duplicate to have 6 squares aligned horizontally. See my tag.


Add a layer and fill with #000000.

Selections > Modify > Contract 1 pixel. Click on Delete.

Selections > Modify > Select Selection Borders.

Fill with the Foreground colour #F75709.

Apply an Inner Bevel. Effects > 3D Effecs > Inner Bevel

Selections > Select None.

Add a Drop Shadow: 1, 1, 100, 1 and then a second time: -1, -1, 100,1.


Add my text Happy Thanksgiving or one of your choice. Happy with IMPACT as the font in orange #F75709.

Apply Carolaine and Sensibility > CS-HLines

Thanksgiving with Mr Lackboughs font, background colour #FEE9DB.

Then apply Eye Candy 4000 > Gradient Glow.


Apply the same Drop Shadow: 2, 2, 50, 5.

Credits: with a small pixel font like Pixelette or any other small font.


12 November 2019

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me