~*~ Sleeping Unicorn ~*~
(Version française ICI)


This pointing hand is here to help you. You can drag and drop it and use it as a marker to help with following the tutorial.

Tube of your choice, free or not, but the credit for the tube must be added to your tag. The tube I am using is ©Janet Roberts - Pink Gem Designs. If you use the same tube, you must buy it.

Scripts: Script17_Tripleframe_Stef's Scrapkits by Stef of Stef's Scrapkits, site no longer online. the script was PTU but became FTU in April 2012. Direct link here.

HGG_postage-stamp - Free script by Humbug Graphics Galore. Direct link here because the link on the site no longer works.

Scrapkit: WR-The Land Of Nod by WeeFaerie. Site no longer online. Direct link to the elements needed here.

Fonts: Pixelette.

STEP 1 - Supplies

Unzip Script17_Tripleframe.
Now find where the folder MY PSP Files is for your version of PSP. It is generally under
Local Disk (C:) > Users > YourName > My Documents > My PSP Files.
Inside there will be lots of PSP sub-folders.
Put the script Script17_TripleFrame_Stef'sScrapkits. PspScript in the Scripts-Restricted folder.

Otherwise in your PSP, look under File > Préférences > File Locations and navigate to Scripts-Restricted to see where the folder is in your version of PSP.

Also add the other script HGG_postage-stamp.

Place the two Selections: Script17_Tripleframe_inner_Stef'sScrapkits.PspSelection & Script17_Tripleframe_Scalloped_Stef'sScrapkits. PspSelection in the Selections folder.

Put the tube GreyRope.PspTube in the folder Tubes à images.

Open Paint Shop Pro. If you don't see the Script window in the Tools bar, you will have to make it show.
Click on View > Customize > Toolbars > Script > Close.
The Script window is now visible.

 Click on the little arrow "Select Script" next to the menu. I have marked it in red.
A window will open. At the top, under Categories, select Restricted-Scripts.
You will see all the Restricted-Scripts that are installed.
Select Script17_TripleFrame_Stef'sScrapkits.

Check that the option "Toggle Execution Mode" (1) is pressed in.
Then click on the arrow Run Selected Script (2).
OK > Load > OK > Choose the colour - I used #FFFFFF OK > Load > OK > Choose the colour - I used #A1D5DF OK > OK > OK > Manual Colour Correction - Choose the target colour (the bits of rope holding the 3 frames together) - I used  #36A2BB OK > OK.
Your frame is done. Save it.

Now resize at 30%.
Merge visible

STEP 3 - Tag

Open an image 800 x 500.

Selections > Select All. Fill with night sky paper.

Selections > Slect None.

Copy paste your triple frame s New Layer. Place towards the top.
With your Magic Wand, select the inside of the frame on the left.
Selections > Modify > Increase by 4 pixels.
Copy paste the top of your tube in the frame.
Selections > Invert > Delete.

RRepeat with the frame on the right.

Layers > Apply a Drop Shadow on the triple frame.
And the same Drop Shadow on the 2 tubes.

V = 2

O = 50

H = 2

B = 3

Add the text Good Night in the middle frame.
Add the star trail element, resized to 40%. I placed a copy on the top left, one in the middle and one on the right at the bottom.

Add the tube on the left.

STEP 4 - Text  and Credits

Wordart: I colored it in white. Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Hue/ Saturation/ Lightness.
Set both Saturation and Lightness on 100.
Resize to 18%.
Place on the right at the bottom.

Apply Eye Candy 4000 > Gradient Glow


Credits: with a small font like Pixelette, in white. Apply the same Gradient Glow.

STEP 5 - Stamp effect

Merge visible. Click on the Scripts Bar and navigate until you see the HGG_postage-stamp script. Select it..
Then run the script.

I chose 12 for the border and a dark blue shade from the night sky paper #272938 for the colour.
Select All > Modify 12 pixels and add a layer. Fill with pink #df819c.
Modiy > Contract 3 pixels.

Selections > Select None.

7 April 2021

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me